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You mean gee your hair smells terrific wasn't just sold in my town? I thought it was never exported much past the factory gates. Learn something new everyday.

trusty getto

I graduated in 1985. I, too, love the 80s ! :) And that song by Bowling for Soup.

In response to your comments on my blog:

Yep, its cold here. Very cold. I got a hefty case of sticker shock at last month's heating bill :(

What company are you associated with that's HQ'd in Ypsilanti? I'm dying to know . . .

Yea, I'm a rocker. Out of college, I went into the music biz, hated it, and now I'm a trial lawyer and on my local school board.

I went to college in Oberlin, OH.

I had a thing for Susanna Hoffs, too, until I met her. Don't burst your hubby's bubble, but she's not all she's cracked up to be ;)

Getto = my last name. No kidding. On my school board, by title is Trustee. Trustee of the Ypsilanti Board of Education. Hence, the homonym, trusty getto.


Hi, Michele sent me.

I think I'll go listen to all my Adam Ant cd's now and go spritz my bangs.


What a great post and trip down memory lane. I'd forgotten about some of the items, like Solid Gold. and what? MTV played videos at one point? Say it ain't so!


I met my wife-to-be in the 80s, so you bet I look upon that decade with extreme fondness.


I loved this post.
I wonder if you could do one as good.. for the 90's?
I doubt it - the 80's were great!
My 20th reunion is this year... yikes

From Michele to here.



I loved that shampoo, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific! What about mini skirts, tights and short ankle boots?


I am SO with you on this. Once an eighties girl, always an eighties girl (minus the acid wash and big hair that is)

Love the post!:)


Hey, my Ford Escort was one of the best cars I owned! It was definitely the best in the snow, including the 4wd I have now! I'm a 70s chick, but I can appreciate the retrospective. I think there are too many choices now. It was more fun when we all listened to the same radio station and waited to hear our favorite song.

Great post!


Halarious! You miss the Ford Escort, too? :) Man, I can't believe I owned one of those... And the old Mustang, too. Not the cool one, the 80s one that looked like the Capri. Not cool.

Too fun... Thanks for the trip back on memory lane.

Michele sent me, but I'll be back!


Hi! Here from Michele's & I know EXACTLY what you mean. I wish my kids could be as free as I was then.


I was in my teens & 20's in the 80's and so miss it also.

Wonderful movies & music back then. Totally agree about the video games. For Christmas got my kids an Atari set, has 40 old games in it.

Here via Michele


You missed the music, the BEST part of the 80's. B-52's, The Cure, The Clash, all the way cool techno music in the clubs where you danced the night away. Ska. Going to London on vacations and just being way punk. Pink hair.

I loved the 80's. Via Michele


oh honey!! you had me at "like whatever!"

i so miss the 80's. what a great time i had then. the cruising in iroc-z's, the bubblegum pop, the british punk. ::SIGH::

i think i'll go watch sixteen candles now.

came by from michele's today! :)

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