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Amen, Sister! I'm comin' back here - you are TOO funny!

Michele sent me. Congrats on being site of the day.


BAHAHAHAH!! Hi From Michele's!

Goofy Girl

Stingy Drive through people = Booo!

Michele sent me!


Ha! I nearly fell outta my seat laughing at the public restroom bit. It is oh-so-true. I found truth in the drive-thru rant, too, though as a result I usually check my order before I vacate the coveted window spot. If they're gonna get my order wrong, they're gonna have cars backed up until they get it right!

Michele sent me today, and I'm very glad she did!


Very well said.

and Michele sent me.


Hi, Michele sent me... Good site, I like your style. *tries to hide the fact that she whistles* hey, I only do it at home!

I was in Ukraine this summer, and had to use public restrooms a lot... gave me a whole new appreciation for the public restrooms here. Picture the French toilet as shown above, only one that hasn't been cleaned in thirty years... you get the idea.


I gave up on the toilet paper weaving when I got Preggo- not enough time to wait in a line AND weave a toilet paper-shield before the Urine forcibly exits your body. Ack. Not to mention that I was lucky if I got through the whole movie without peeing once in the first place.

Oh, and Michele sent me!



I hate that they are so stingy on the ketchup at the Drive Thru. It's not like it's a rare commodity.

Here from Michele!


I had the opposite experience with take-out the other day -- piles and piles of ketchup packets, and nothing in our order was remotely in need of ketchup! You can have my ketchup!

Michele sent me... Happy Day!


Very funny stuff! Visiting public bathrooms can be traumatic events, that's for sure. I watched a news report that found that the floors and door handles were actually the most germ-ridden areas of public restrooms. Ick.

Btw...I'm here from Michele's today!

Carl V.

Hi from Michele! Very funny stuff. At least (I assume) you ladies don't have to deal with urine covered seats and toilets filled with excrement and too much toilet paper. Going to the guys restroom after a movie is an exercise in being able to hold your breath while you do your business in a toilet that it best left undescribed. Heaven forbid you have to sit down for some reason!!!


Hello, Michele sent me!

Great place you've got here, that post was right on the money.

Congrats on site of the day!


I think the list of public restroom quams is really never ending. Loved the post! Hi, Michele sent me! :)


that was very funny & so true!! lol!

michele sent me. congrats on being site of the day! :)


I would simply add that along with forgetting the ketchp, they routinely forget the damed napkins. Ever tried to eat greasy fries in the car with nothing to wipe with? ARG!

PS - Michele sent me.


and while we are on the topic of public lavs...
WHO THE HELL is putting the paper towels in the toilet?
I have never seen or heard of anyone doing that and yet I see the sign that says:
in every public loo.

Michele sent me, and I am pretty good at making toilet paper origami toilet seats!


Whistling is like fingernails on a chalk board for me...hi, Michele sent me :-)


Hi, here from Michele's!
Very funny...and sadly oh so true!
At our Target here, the stall frames are all unlevel, so there is at least 4 inch gaps....can't figure out how that happened...and why they felt it was ok!


You always get fucked at the drive-thru. The key is to check your order before pulling away. Who cares if the person behind you has to wait a couple more seconds? You requested ketchup and, dammit, you should get ketchup! Just a friendly tip...

Hi - Michele sent me!


Here from Michele.
Taco Bell has to be the biggest screw up in orders and it doesn't matter if the Taco Bell is in Mississippi, Virginia or anywhere else. It is easier to count the number of complete and correct orders they have given me than the mess ups. They forget nachos, tacos, and the worst... they can't seem to remember those little bowls of pintos and cheese or the desserts.

Mr. L

Michele sent me. Well...I guess if you ladies would stop that "squat and hover" routine, there would be less need to worry about what you're sitting on! LOL!!! Just kidding, don't kill me... :)


Hello Michele sent me.

I agree with the ketchup thing. I can deal without alot, but KETCHUP is a must.


Too funny!

Michele sent me over, and I'm glad she did.... started my day with a smile....


Too funny!

Michele sent me over, and I'm glad she did.... atarted my day with a smile....


Michele sent me over this morning. Congrats on being site of the day!

My frequent flyer card for drive thru's was issued by Dunkin' Donuts where I load up on coffee. I'm not sure I've ever gotten through a full week without a massive order screw-up. I think messing up orders is part of the job requirement.

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