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Oh man, I have the exact same problem. Plus, I get these weird kicky sensations in my legs that keep me awake on the rare occasion that my mind does not. My stupid fucking body LOVES to torment me.

My doc ordered a sleep study, which ironically, is impossible to sleep during, what with the 750 pounds of wires, electrodes and tape they plaster you with, not to mention the fact that they fucking WATCH you while you "sleep".

Anyway, while I was laying there in my wires and electrodes, NOT sleeping, they finally came into my room and gave me a sleeping pill. Next thing I knew, it was morning. No freaky dreams, nothing. It was WEIRD.

The pill: Ambien. I am too afraid to ask for a prescription, because it must be like heroin, but if the insomnia persists, I may just give in.


Hi, Michele sent me.


I am sooo feeling your pain. I too, suffer with insomnia. And watching the hubs fall asleep quickly and painlessly just brings graphic images of how I'd like to painfully torture him awake.

Good luck with the elliptical machine. I use my bike for a laundry stand. I do find walking tends to help and not be so much like excercise.

I could never give up my caffeine. Ever.


I don't know anyone to help you - but I would give up caffeine and go to soda without it. You can still get a lot of caffeine before 3 pm. If I drink caffeine before 10 am I will not sleep until 2 am.

Michele sent me.

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