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not to be all preachy or anything, but the Diabetic Diet is a little more reasonable than South Beach and is more easily maintained as a lifestyle change. I am suprised a doctor would even recommend SB.

That said, good luck to you both on the changes. It is hard as fuck (can i swear here?) but worth it.


Good for you to support your man in such a way. Giving up pie is tantamount to torture. You deserve accolades of the highest honor. I hope you are both successful in your quest for health-even if it means a pie-less life.


Hey there! Found you from Melati's blog...I can relate to you guys...I've got the high blood pressure / high cholesterol thing goin' on myself, and had chest pains some years ago (yeah, us guys like to think these things will "go away on their own"). My dad had angina, my mom had other heart problems. I'm not on a good track (I actually wrote about it actually a couple days ago).

Anyway, know that there are other folks doin' the major diet/exercise change, too.

Best of luck to you guys, O


See, that is why I never let the doc weigh me, or take my blood.

Jurgen Nation

Aw, man. No pie? SUCKAGE. For me, it's carrot cake. Or just, you know, cake in general. Take it away from me and I'll get violent. I am woman, hear me MOO.

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