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HI! I love your platter! It was fun to read.

We almost bought an elliptical trainer. I think it would have taken up our whole living room.

Life without pie= useless.



I am in total agreement on the jalapeno poppers issue.
And I havent cut my hair in 3 years....what IS it about trimming split ends? It makes me feel like I've accomplished something good for my body....almost cancels out the fact that I havent felt like working out lately. ALMOST.


I love egg salad sandwiches...I know, of all the wonderful offerings on your sampler, I went for the egg salad sandwiches.

When I was in Bosnia, the dining facility had an average of 200 hardboiled eggs a day. Grab a half dozen of those, some mayonaise and mustard packets, a bowl, a fork, and some brochen (hard shelled bread) and voila.

Although, too much of the eggs leads to "BAS".

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