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Ouch, doing my ears was about as brave as I could get. Here via michele today


I've been considering the nose piercing lately, too! I think it's like the second wave of it being trendy. =)


Don't feel bad, the nose DOES hurt to get pierced. I had both sides done (at different times) and they were more painful than most of my other piercings (went on a binge in college--7 non-ear piercings). Granted they all came out when I got prego (some hurt and some were just not practical), but still, the nose ones hurt bad.

I think it's pretty neat that you got it done though. It's fun, especially when people don't expect it or it does look a little out of place (not against the backdrop of neon pink hair and more safety pins than you'd need to cloth diaper a small herd of children).


Hi, thanks for visiting my site today. Yeah, the Panama jerk was a total whacko. So glad I found that out before I married him! Appreciate the comments. You have a nice site here!


Here from Michele's,
I am actually thinking of getting a tattoo of my beloved husky retriever now departed and I am 40 (somethin) You go girl!!!

Carl V.

Here from Michele.

Good for you! You're far too young to be considered as having a mid-life crisis. I'm 37 and still think I'm a kid (act like it too sometimes..ha!) I personally think they're cool but know I couldn't stand the pain...too much of a wimp I guess. Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!


I couldn't do the nose piercing, but it's more common every day.

and I can REALLY relate to the colors of hair - in Germany they go ALL out with wild colors...I've been invited to a wedding for a bald-headed (shaved) man and his blue-haired bride (and she's NOT old, just electric blue!)

Have fun with the piercing!


Congratulations! I am so dying to get one myself. But I am a bit of a pansy....

Love your new look.

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