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I never let women cut my hair.

I can't shake the feeling that they are standing there thinking "And just who in the hell does miss thing here think she is? Well, I'll show her....see how she likes layers & feathering....".

Similarly, I would never get liposuction from a woman....she'd probably be all "I'll show this bitch..." and start pumping fat out of her ass into mine.

Is it any wonder that I scored a big fat Hitler on the Famous Leader quiz? Oy.


Holy moley! My hair experiences are ultimately boring. I'm even considering going to a *gasp* walk-in place tonight. I am switching stylists and don't know where to turn.

I went to the *gasp* walk-in place before and the girl was freaky weird with her convo. Satanists, married men cheating with her...and when I left she said I was weird to the lady next to her. Maybe because I asked if the guy at Subway who worked next door and is 27 that she likes did anything know, 'cause he's 27 and works at Subway....not that there's anything wrong with that.

She actually gave me a good cut.



I rarely go to have my hair done, because the stylists usually talk to me too much. I really don't mind being ignored while you do my hair.

What's up with the country music bashing? I'm sure John was just have Brokeback Mountain fantasies.

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