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I'm a bit late on this, but that was very moving. I'm so sorry for your loss, even this many years later. What a horrible thing to live through.


What a tragic and compelling story so beautifully written. I actually read through it twice.

Here via Michele today.


I have no words right now -- I doubt that I can ever understand the depths of despair that you have gone through (or your aunts for that matter) -- I can't understand that feeling of hopelessness but I can hope that the choices you make for yourself are better ones -- you are a great writer and to lose you would be very sad


There are some hurts that run so know, maybe it's your dreams, where everything is OK and they have just gone on a long trip, that are true and all the rest is just some version of a very long nightmare.

You seem like a very strong person.


I tried to respond to yer e-mail, but it wouldn't let me, dangit! and I can't find a contact e-mail for you on your site. Thanks for your comment, and you are very welcome. I have a post I put on another blog about that subject to share with you, but I can't get to you!


I think depression is one of the most stigmatized and misunderstood illnesses. It's never easy to loose a loved one, even harder when they take their own lives.


Oh my gosh what a powerful and tragic story of two lost souls. Suicide is one of the most baffling things in the world. People always want to know "why" but there is never really an answer, at least not one that will satisfy. All we can do is hope that they have escaped from thier pain and suffering and are at peace. Here from michele's.


That is such a sad story about your past! The only blessing here is that it seems we've finally gotten to the point where we understand that depression is an actual disease. I'm so sorry that you had to try to understand all of that at a young age.

Thank you so much for visiting me last week. I'm glad I came to visit you back. You have a beautiful story to tell.


The silence to our question why is so hard to take.

I am sorry for your loss.


Holy cow -- I'm so crying right now. Nobody who hasn't been clinically depressed can understand what goes through the minds, hearts and souls of those who are. I'm one of those people. I'm so sorry you had to go through the deaths of two people you loved so much, and I'm so very sorry you've had to experience that kind of despair first hand. There were days in my past when the only thing that kept me from pulling the trigger was to imagine what it would do to my mother and brother. I've been there, right at the brink, and it's a pain I wouldn't wish on anyone.

I'm so sorry you are reliving this. I, too, have a terrible dream life that often leaves me exhausted because the dreams are so vivid and so colorful, yet completely disturbing. My thoughts are with you.


wow. what an awful story. i am very sorry. i know how the evil stepfather thing goes....
very well written.
i'm here via micheles... i'll read on down now*


here to return your visit - too tired to read it all at 12:45 am - will come back
thanks for sharing something deep in your life, you touch lives!


Wow. Just Wow.

Michele sent me...I will definitely be back. Blogrolled, you are...

Jurgen Nation

Wow. I'm speechless. First, ((HUG)). I'm so, so sorry for this. Second, I hate your stepfather. There, I've said it.

Thank you for writing this. It means more to me than I can describe here in a little box.


I am so, so sorry. *hugs*


Wow. This post was very intense and I am so sorry for your losses. What a horrible tragedy to happen to your family. I pray that you're able to find peace and find a lot more happiness than your aunts were able to. Here from Michele - have a nice weekend.

amused observer

your story brought tears to my eyes. i can't even imagine how that would have affected you.

thanks for stopping by my blog.

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