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Your stepfather sounds charming. What did your mom see in him anyway?

As for scents being triggers, ain't that the truth. I was walking through an old building one day and it brought back a smell from childhood (my grandfather's house) and I found myself almost racing through the corridors, inhaling in big gulps, trying to recapture that feeling. Sanctuary. I was safe.

Sounds like you didn't have much sanctuary when you were young, but look at it this way. You're where you are and he is probably dead or almost dead. And what a life to look back on and what a load of regrets to deal with!


I can relate to how sounds and smells bring back memories, both good and bad. Brave post, thanks for sharing!


The other day while I was riding my bike to work, I suddenly smelled something (probably some sort of flower, or blooming tree) that smelled JUST LIKE A&D Ointment. I hadnt realized it, but that smell is burned into my subconscious. I can't remember how to factor polynomials, but the neural pathway to the A&D smell memory is stronger than ever. What the fuck.


The soap smell story was so sweet. I totally understand! I still have a 9 year old bottle of Bath & BodyWorks room spray that I sprayed in my daughter's room as an infant. It was from a baby line they used to have. The smell of that takes me back. You are the first person I've ever admitted that! Sorry about the Step-D, he should have known better!!

Thanks for visiting me and sharing your Poison story! I am sooo excited. My friend has been teaching me about Bret, oh my, I agree with you raawwwrrr!


My dad did the "shake the ice in his glass" to get my attention thing too... my husband accidentally did it once. ONCE. He now knows better. :)


I've always heard that smell and sound are way more intense memory triggers than sight and I believe it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


I agree, memory triggers are incredible. Certain songs whisk me back to my teen years. Specific smells remind me of certain people and events. Sounds bring back short movie clips in my brain.

Your stepdad sounds like a real slug - to put it mildly. Sorry you had to deal with a guy like that.

Michele sent me over to say hi.

Jurgen Nation

Still hating your stepdad. But I hate mine, too. What is it with stepdads?

I know what you mean about being taken back with just a smell or a sound. It's so, so powerful and can literally take your breath away. I have some of those triggers, too.


Things that trigger memories are amazing. They say smell is the strongest of all sensory triggers.

Blossoming flowers in spring take me back to my carefree running through the woods childhood times - my paradise in my head.

I hate be whistled for. Another thing I hate is when some one sits in his car and honks to get someone to come out. Sooooo rude.

Your step-father sounds like a real gem. I hate him, too.

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