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Read 'Em or Weep

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Hello thank you for visiting me....yesterday, I think it was. hahaha


Have you seen the new game show..."Let's Bet" or "All Bets Are Off"..err... something like that? It's on primetime on Mondays I think. If not, check it out. You'll get hooked.

Jurgen Nation

Didn't Dawson commit suicide?


lol, I loved richard dawson, then again, I had a thing for tootsie pops..and I was only eight...
here via michele today


I used to LOVE game shows when I was a teen. They are so terrible now. I can't stand watching any of them. Those of days gone by or any new ones. bleck.

Did you ever see that show Funniest Game Show Moments? That was hilar, but...well, you know what I mean.


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