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Read 'Em or Weep

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ditto...4 5 13. Michele says hi too.


I'm with you 100% on 4-8. That's some scary stuff, there.
Unfortunately I think my dad has plans to drag me to see MI-3 this weekend... and I haven't even seen the first two.

Jurgen Nation

It is times like these where I think we are the same person. Except for 12. I'm not allowed to say that. *cough*


Hear hear!!! I'm with ya on ALL of those.


This was cool.

We have a friend that works in Nordstrom's in MN. She has to go into the store at odd hours to cater to so important person's needs. Sounds very elitist.

It breaks my heart (not) to say that TC's new movie is not doing as well as all his bullshit hype was designed to make it do. Not making enough money.

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