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Cindra Jo

Love your blog. It is very a parent, and a stepmother, and a part of a blended family that is more like scramgled instead of blended...I can so appreciate your humor.

Found you through vanessa's links...


I hope that you don't mind, Ive linked to you from my site.


Just wandered over here, and had to say that i love your writing, but its becoming an addiction. Please fuel my addiction by posting. Soon!

Jurgen Nation

Hey, just checking in with you. You okay, girlie? Miss ya.

Jurgen Nation

Isn't it always a Corvette, though? They should come standard when you buy one. Ick.


What a funny post.

Don't you wish you had the balls to falsely advertise on your license plate?

I hope you survive the weekend.

I hate the heat. I'd never make it where you live.

I always laughed at my daughter, too. I still do, because she's soooooo dramatic sometimes. Thank God she still loves me.


i remember when i was a kid, my dad would laugh at me when i was crying. now i understand why he did it. some of the stuff i did was quite hilarious! hope your kiddo is feeling better :-)

here via michele

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