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How perfect is she! "I'm officially freaked out" is my favorite! I may have to steal that and use it -- what a great line!


OMG that is so cute. How adorable. :)


I love the rockin' out one, but they all led up to the hilarious glory that was the poo-in-the-spacesuits. Oh, thanks for the laugh.


#6 is awesome.

A few weekends back, I was taking my friend's 5-year-old son to see "Dolphins" at IMAX, and a car pulled up alongside us with the music blaring.

"SOMEBODY's really rockin' out!" He exclaimed. Indeed.


She sounds like a delight. :-) What a quick intelligence.


Your kid is hilarious!! You could totally quit your job and sell tickets to hang out with her for an hour.


Yipee! I love a (future) woman with spunk. Lucky, lucky you ; ) No really, I mean it, I do.

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