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After read a couple of the posts on your site these few days, and I really like your style of blogging. I added it to my favorites internet site list and will be checking back soon.

F Horn

I look forward to seeing your excellent articles. I hope you continue doing what you do best.

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How do i hook up my play station portable to the internet, do i have to buy a wi-fi adapter?
I have the internet, but i have no idea how to sync my portable play station to my laptop?

Two Sirius

I HAD those dolls! With the shredded purple outfits, right?

Starting Friday, it's all-Christmas-music-all-the-time for me, baby! Of course, my playlist isn't all Bing Crosby and Tony Bennett - The Waitresses are high on my list, too.

And not ONE song by The Carpenters. Not now, not ever! Feh.

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